Beautiful landscape

To the south of Lisbon, Alentejo is Portugal’s largest region with a distinct character and history. Open your eyes to the vast open plains that disappear into the horizon or lose yourself in the charming small villages of white houses. With a coast that stretches from Lisbon to the Algarve for more than 170km of beaches and surprising views, Alentejo is also a sea and sun paradise.

Right on the Southern tip of the Troia Peninsula, Comporta is one of the most glamourous and sought after beach destination. White sands, blue waters, pine forests and rice paddies. Life doesn’t get any better.

Alqueva is the biggest artificial lake in Europe and a never-ending wonderment to the eyes. Along more than 68km of small coves and peninsulas, enjoy the spectacle of raw nature: trees, birds and everything to amaze you. Maybe you should go up on a balloon to truly enjoy it.

Simplicity, imagination and creativity. All Portuguese know that Alentejo features one of the most amazing gastronomy traditions in the world. Rooted on fresh season ingredients, culinary delicacies change throughout the year, as the seasons bring new opportunities to dazzle us.